Client: SyFyUK

Services: Social TV, Social Strategy, TV Launch, Influencer work, Community management, Content Strategy.

Worked with award winning agency Mr President to produce a launch strategy for broadcaster SyFy UK’s number 1 original show, Dark Matter, and also produce a bespoke SyFy Social TV Playbook.

Initially I ran a full social media audit on all SyFy’s owned and earned content and social platforms including a full current social audience profile. Here we learned that Dark Matter viewers were a-typical of the generally imagined Syfy fans, being younger and more female. This factored heavily into our content strategy and went on to inform our influencer outreach.

In the run up to the show, I created a channel by channel content strategy. Wrote all the content, created much of the visual content and used my understanding of the Dark Matter fandom to turn sci fi tropes on their heads with the content that we were creating. On the launch day we ramped up the content with a countdown, and generated many times more than usual engagement using the idea of Dark Matter Day.

I also community managed their platforms during the lead up through the premiere and live Periscope Q&A with the show’s creator that followed.