Just the word is enough to strike fear into the heart of anyone over the age of 35.

But why?

Well. According to the recent Bloomberg profile. On purpose.

But if you can see past all the ‘mystery’ and lack of analytics, then you should take a look at what Snapchat can offer.

One of the reasons that brands were hesitant about Snapchat were the extortionate advertising costs, coupled with the ‘TV style’ reporting which didn’t give you any real metrics to show to your boss.

But things have moved on. Snapchat is still elusive about how much most of their standard advertising costs (although one source cited the prices having dropped to around $400 000 for a custom lens), but earlier this year they made one type of ‘ad’ completely accessible to everyone.

I’m talking about On Demand Geofilters.


The idea is this. Snapchat already allows Geofilters for locations. You’ve probably seen them from friends who are travelling/humble bragging about where they’re spending their holiday time.

Then last year, Snapchat introduced custom Geofilters for brands, you’ve probably seen the McDonald’s filters being shared, and then there was the (not particularly well thought out) time that Hollister targeted 19 0000 US & Canadian high schools with their ‘Friday Vibes’ filter. These filters were only available to select partners and still on the pricey side of ‘give it a go’ advertising.

Roll on 2016 and the advent of On-Demand custom geo filters (not to be confused with  community filters, which are free to create for a landmark/town/university/place of interest.) On Demand custom geofilters were originally designed as a way for you to be able to easily apply a Geofilter to your Wedding/Bar Mitzvah/Premiere/Whatever. But in terms of marketing, they’re a brilliant way to create hyper-shareable content, perfect for sharing outside of Snapchat as well as in platform.

Currently, brand presence on Snapchat is on the low side, and there are a number of reasons for this, the biggest of them being Snapchat is perceived as a hard to understand channel just to reach teenagers.
I won’t dispute that Snapchat is still heavy on generation y & z users, but the fastest growing user group is the over 35s. Platform engagement rates (8 billion video views each day) are impressive, as is the sense of creativity lacking from the rest of the ‘big’ social media platforms.

Currently, a starting price of $20 will buy you an 8-hour time slot, the space of a few blocks in a major city. You’ll still need to get someone to design the filter for you, and make sure it passes Snapchat’s requirements. (No mentions of URLS or phone numbers – hashtags and usernames are supposedly fine!)

If you’re a business that hosts events/does anything location specific and you’re looking for a fun way to raise awareness among potential customers. (And you’ve got a bit of design know-how and a few bucks to spare). I would recommend testing out the Snapchat waters.

It’s not yet saturated with brands, there’s very little marketing douchery, and if you’re right for the channel and you understand your audience enough to create content that will resonate with them, then Snapchat custom geofilters might be exactly what you’re looking for. And also, with such a low price point – you can afford to test this one out.

Oh, and if you find the whole idea of Snapchat terrifying, Buffer Blog have written an excellent guide to how it all works.


Kim Townend

Kim Townend

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