I’m Kim Townend and I’ve been working in social media since it didn’t even have a name.

These days I leave social media and digital in mostly for SEO purposes, as everything becomes more integrated there’s no need to single them out anymore.

I know my way around all of the social platforms, my 10+ years of freelance experience have allowed me to develop a wide variety of skills.

First and foremost, I am a strategist. I like to figure out what the problem is, and then figure out the smartest/fastest/most efficient/creative way to solve it and deliver the desired results.

Alongside this, I’ve delivery-managed almost every project I’ve worked on, I’ve been hired to streamline process for agencies, write content strategy for eCommerce sites and community managed for more brands/broadcasters/agencies/gov depts┬áthan I can remember.

I like writing good simple strategy that gets my clients the results they want, using the right platform for them and their fans, not the biggest or the one that’s hottest this week. Creative thinking and a love of efficiency have served me well in this pursuit.

I’ve worked on projects across the board, from copywriting at start-ups to building and running a social media team at GOV.UK (where I also authored the GDS social media playbook)

I’ve worked on my share of award-winning projects, but I’m more concerned with doing good work with smart people on interesting projects. If this sounds good to you, then please, get in touch!